ATCE 2014

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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Day 1 –  Our Trip


Today has been a very long, but exciting day!  We all met up at 10:00 am on campus, and enjoyed an uneventful drive to Houston.  We all got to ride the shuttle together from the airport parking lot, along with that one random Auburn guy (you can see him in the picture I have attached).  The flight, despite its duration, felt relatively short.  We have been keeping ourselves very busy, both on the plane and off.  The PetroBowl team has been working very hard in preparation for their upcoming competition while the others on the trip simply try and navigate this exciting and new (at least to us) country.
– Kevin Wiggs

Day 2 –  Meet & Greet


Day 2 in Amsterdam!  Today went really well overall!  The petrobowl team studied hard all day, the board chairs represented A&M at the student meet and greet, and the officer team attended an SPE leadership workshop. The leadership workshop was a great place to learn from SPE international. People from around the globe attended, and it was great to hear about their experiences.  The picture below is of Jennifer and I with our new friends from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. SPE had a cocktail hour after the workshop for all of the attendees to network at. Today was such a good reminder that our industry is a global one.  Also, we attended an awards luncheon for the student chapters today, and we received the Gold Student Chapter Award. So far the trip has been an incredible experience!

– Lindsay Kalberer


Day 3 –  Petrobowl Time!


Day 3 in Amsterdam! Today was an exciting day! Finally the day that the Petrobowl team has been waiting for, the Petrobowl competition! The Petrobowl team started against the local team of University of Stavanger and despite being down early in the match, they were able to catch up and win their first match. This led them to a Lonestar Showdown against t.u. Our dear aggies were able to overcome a strong Texas team and win the match to advance to the elite eight. Nevertheless, their next match was full of tricky questions and a very well prepared team of Tulsa (which eventually went on to win the Petrobowl competition) to whom we lost. Despite this, we are very proud of our team and their performance. The officers, board members, and faculty were cheering for our Petrobowl team during the whole competition being true to our 12th man tradition. That morning, the officer team attended the North America Regional Meeting to discuss the current events in our region. In the afternoon, we were able to attend some of the technical sessions, including some of our fellow aggies. Late in the day, we unknowingly ran into a friendly ATCE attendee. Turned out, he works for BHP Billiton and was pleased to learn that his company had sponsored our entire trip. It was a great reminder of how fortunate we are to be sponsored to attend this conference.

– Raul Gonzalez


Day 4 –  Student Paper Contest & Exhibition


Day 4 in Amsterdam! Although it was a bit chilly for us Texans, today was a great day of conference activities. First, we went to the international student paper contest to cheer on our fellow Aggies. Our PhD participant (Junjing Zhang) took first place, and our undergraduate participant (Ryan Rice) took third place. We are extremely proud of our department and fellow students for their success. Next, we explored the exhibition floor. We witnessed many different emerging technologies. We also had lunch with the Marietta College SPE chapter officers. It was great to expand our SPE student network! To wrap up the day, a few of our officers attended the Annual Awards Banquet. This is an event hosted by SPE International where accomplished members are recognized for their efforts and achievements. It was a very entertaining and enjoyable evening! We miss everyone back home and hope our general meeting went well in our absence!

– Jennifer Wisler

Day 5 –  Annual Meeting of Members 

Being the last day of ATCE, the officer and petrobowl teams explored the remaining booths on the exhibition floor. We spent the morning going through a number of different exhibits and informative talks. TRE (satellite surface expansion and compression measurement) and Dover (artificial lift services) were the highlights of this morning. At lunch, some of the officers attended the Annual Meeting of Members. Here, Jeff Spath handed the gravel to the president elect Helge Helderson for his upcoming term. It was definitely remarkable to see all of what SPE had accomplished and is planning for in the upcoming year. To relax and wrap up the day, we went to the famous ice bar in the city center and enjoyed the ice sculptures.

-John Mason Wleczyk


Day 6 –  Sights & Attractions


The past week in Amsterdam for ATCE was a rich and rewarding experience. It was an invaluable opportunity to network with international SPE students and professionals, learn from world-class leadership and technical experts, and cheer on the Texas A&M Petrobowl team.

We capped off our final full day, Thursday, exploring the city and experiencing Dutch culture. The morning air was filled with the aroma of Dutch pancakes which our group found at a local pancake house. These skillet sized pancakes held us over as we visited the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum, the former dedicated to Amsterdam art and history and the latter dedicated to the works of Vincent Van Gogh. A brief time was spent souvenir shopping for family and friends before finding various quick eats on the streets. Afterwards, we reunited for a cruise through Amsterdam’s beautiful canals, spending the last of our nights in good company.

-Ritthy Son