Texas A&M Wins Outstanding Student Chapter

For the second consecutive year, Texas A&M University’s SPE Student Chapter has won the Outstanding Student Chapter Award. It is the highest honor that a student chapter can receive and is given to the chapter that best demonstrates exemplary effort in the areas of industry engagement, planning and operations, community involvement, innovation and professional development. “I am so proud of our student chapter for winning this award a second year in a row,” said Shawn Guice, this past year’s TAMU-SPE President. “Every year we aim to raise the bar higher and this year was no exception despite the state of the industry.”

This marks the 11th time Texas A&M has been selected for this award since its inception in 1995. “The Core Values of Texas A&M University include loyalty, integrity, leadership, excellence, respect, and selfless-service,” said current chapter president Alex Lambros. “I truly believe that these values have enabled the TAMU-SPE Student Chapter to achieve the Outstanding Student Chapter Award time and time again.”

This distinction would not have been possible without the hard work that every member, committee, co-chair, director, board chair, faculty advisor, and the 2015-2016 leadership team:

Shawn Guice                     President

Courtney Brown                Vice President

Kevin Ding                        Treasurer

Karin Gonzalez                 Secretary

Johannes Alvarez             Graduate Representative


“We anticipated challenging times going into the year during the middle of a severe downturn. However, we had no idea how hard our student leaders would work to make sure we continued our tradition of success,” said Guice. “I am excited to watch the chapter build on this achievement and see our members continue to grow this next year.”


The new leadership team has been hard at work preparing for this coming school year. “Receiving this award twice prior to my presidency definitely sets the bar very high.” said Lambros. “We look forward to the opportunities ahead of us and are committed to raising the standard of excellence in all that we do.”

Some of the team’s upcoming goals include expanding the Texas A&M SPE Excellence Endowment, creating professional development programs focused on cultivating soft skills, and increasing collaboration between TAMU-SPE and other intra-university organizations and departments.


With another great leadership team, Texas A&M will continue to build upon its previous success and convey the quality of its students to the industry.

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