Aries Training

May 2-3, 2014
SPE Texas A&M hosted a two day training event on the Aires Economic System. Widely used throughout the industry, students were introduced to a number of the impressive functions this powerful program provides including the more popular decline cure and economic analysis of reservoirs.
The training started with an introduction of the capabilities of the software and dove into a more detailed discussion of some of the modules available to users.  Highlights for participants incorporated topics learned into case studies at the end of the second day. This included incremental economics to justify a producing well and an economic evaluation of a drilling program using type curves developed from elsewhere in the same field.
Overall, this was a hugely successful training session with one participant summarizing “I enjoyed the entire event and am very glad you guys offer this kind of course. Thank you so much.” Without the generosity of our sponsor, Halliburton, who provided not only the financial support but also a top trainer, this event would not have been possible.