SPE Weekly Events – 1/16

Howdy! I hope all of you had a happy New Year and are looking forward to the coming semester! Here are the events for our first week back:

General Meeting with Lonquist & Co, LLC
Tuesday, Jan 24
RICH 106 | 7:45 PM

Topic and speaker TBA

TAMU SPE Officer Elections
Please read this carefully!

-Please contact the officer currently holding the position you would like to run for and schedule a meeting with them. You MUST have their approval in order to be considered a valid candidate. Meetings with current officers can begin today, Sunday, Jan 15th and will end Sunday, Jan 22nd. You are free to reach out to the current officers now!
-Please email Hanyu Li (lihanyu234@tamu.edu) with your intent to run. This should have your name, the position you would like to run for, your graduation date (semester, year) and SPE number.
-For more information about the officer positions I have prepared a brief election packet for y’all

SPE Student Symposium
February 1-4
Denver, CO in Encana’s Corporate Office in Downtown Denver

Today is the LAST day to register! Because many of the logistics have been coordinated by the hosting schools, I would encourage all of you to register! The current ticket price is $100 which includes 2 nights at a hotel (Feb 2 and 3, with Feb 1 being exclusive to Petrobowl; there will be 4 to a room) and your entry to the event.
For those of you attending the SPE Student Symposium, please also fill out this form so we can have a better idea of everyone who is going!
Possible flight departures from College Station airport or Houston airport:
Flight info for all TAMU SPE Members:
Flight info for Petrobowl attendees:

SPE Student Mentorship Program

Have you had an internship before? Are you interested in helping mentor younger TAMU SPE members in order to help them achieve the same success? I personally found a great sense of pride and fulfillment in helping my mentee build his resume and prepare for the interviews he subsequently received. Helping your friends land a job can be as gratifying as getting one yourself. For more info on this program: TAMU_SPE_Student_Mentorship_Program.pdf
Apply to be a TAMU SPE Mentor by Feb 3rd here or copy and paste this link:

Thanks and gig ’em!