SPE Weekly Events – 1/30

Howdy! Here are our upcoming events:


General Meeting with NalcoChampion
Tuesday, February 7
RICH 106 | 7:45 PM


Our Topic this meeting is: Value of a Petroleum Engineering Degree in a Downturn. Speaking on this is John Waldvogel, Lead Project Engineer, CAPEX Business Development.


TAMU SPE Officer Elections Updates


The finalized list of candidates in this year’s officer elections are:
President: Jordan Argamany, William Nelson
External VP: Moe Abbas, Ravi Lad
Internal VP: Miranda Jones, Alan Shepstone
Treasurer: Yunan Li, Kyles Soares
Secretary: Lauren Borden, Ahria Haghpeykar, Cameron Osterhaus
Grad Rep: Mehrdad Alfi, Joshua Ebin, Jimmy Jin, Dmitry Ridner
Stay tuned for candidate profiles coming soon!


TAMU SPE Intramurals


If you are interested in playing on an SPE Intramural Sports team, please sign up here by this Wednesday, Feb 1st for soccer or by Monday, February 6th for all other sports!


SPE Student Symposium
February 1-4
Denver, CO in Encana’s Corporate Office in Downtown Denver


For those of you attending the SPE Student Symposium, please also fill out this form so we can have a better idea of everyone who is going!


SPE Student Mentorship Program
Application deadline to be a mentor: Feb 3rd


For more info on this program:  TAMU_SPE_Student_Mentorship_Program.pdf



Thanks and gig ’em!