SPE Weekly Events – 12/12

Howdy and thanks for a great semester! Here are the last few announcements as we wrap up the fall semester:


Incomplete SPE Merchandise Orders
Monday, December 12th
Student Lounge (RICH 319) | 3:15 PM – 4:30 PM


If you had merchandise that was not yet delivered during the first merchandise distribution, it has arrived! You can pick that up tomorrow in the student lounge.


As always, please have your receipts ready in order to verify your purchase. If you are unable to make it at that time due to finals scheduling or other issues, please contact our SPE Merchandise Director, Meghan Johnson, at jnm1995@tamu.edu


SPE Student Symposium
February 1st – 4th
Denver, CO in Encana’s Corporate Office in Downtown Denver


Registration for this event has opened! Because many of the logistics have been coordinated by the hosting schools, I would encourage all of you to register! The current ticket price is $100 which includes 2 nights at a hotel (there will be 4 to a room) and your entry to the event.

Possible flight departures from College Station airport or Houston airport:


Flight info for all TAMU SPE Members:


Flight info for Petrobowl attendees:


Good luck studying and BTHO Finals!


As always, thanks and gig ’em!