2013-2014 Leadership

Our team for the academic year 2013-2014 exhibit a great deal of passion and enthusiasm towards SPE. We are going to channel all of our energy towards development and the continious betterment of our community.

Our goal for this year is simple, it is to exceed expectations. Please help us achieve that as a team by contacting any of our leaders directly depending on your interest.

Committee Role Name E-mail Address
President Abdalla Ali abdalla@tamu.edu
VP Michael Staff michaelgstaff@gmail.com
Secretary Beth Ballard beth.ballard@pe.tamu.edu
Treasurer Kevin Pollak kevin.a.pollak@gmail.com
Grad Rep Raul Gonzalez raul.gonzalez@pe.tamu.edu
Development Director Karin Gonzalez karin.gonzalez@pe.tamu.edu
Research & PEEC Director Alex Dyson alex.dyson@pe.tamu.edu
Student Summit Director Michael Stewart michael.stewart@pe.tamu.edu
ATCE Director Lindsay Kalberer lindsaykalberer@tamu.edu
Recruitment &
Director Natasha Stolte nstolte@tamu.edu
Marketing Director Ryan Rice ryan.rice@pe.tamu.edu
Philanthropy Director Meghan Whipple meghanwhipple@tamu.edu
Fund Raising Director James Tollette Garrett.Tollette@gmail.com
Social & Sports Director Alana Low alanalow@me.com
DVG Golf Director Ben Faith benfaith@tamu.edu
Sporting Clays Director Paulo Staniszewski Paulos@tamu.edu
Journal Director Raymond Earwood raymond.earwood@pe.tamu.edu
Hospitality & 
Director Thomas Mason thomas.mason@pe.tamu.edu
Director Raymond Earwood raymond.earwood@pe.tamu.edu
Student Affairs Director Ernesto Valbuena ernesto.valbuena@pe.tamu.edu
Fishing Director John Wleczyk mwleczyk@gmail.com
Petrobowl Coach Masoud Alfi masoud.alfi@pe.tamu.edu
Advisor Professor Mike King mike.king@pe.tamu.edu
Advisor Adminstrative
Betty Robbins betty.robbins@pe.tamu.edu