2017-2018 Leadership

Our team for the academic year 2017-2018 exhibit a great deal of passion and enthusiasm towards SPE. We are going to channel all of our energy towards development and the continuous betterment of our community.

Our goal for this year is simple, it is to exceed expectations. Please help us achieve that as a team by contacting any of our leaders directly depending on your interest.

Committee Role Name E-mail Address
Elected Officers President Jordan Argamany j.argamany@tamu.edu
Vice President External Ravi Lad raviperson111@tamu.edu
Vice President Internal Miranda Jones mirandacolleenjones@tamu.edu
Secretary Cameron Osterhaus cbosterhaus2@tamu.edu
Treasurer Kyle Soares kylesoares@tamu.edu
Graduate Representative Joshua Ebin jebin3@tamu.edu
Committee Board Chairs Professional Development Board William Nelson william.nelson@tamu.edu
Marketing Board Raj Gautham Viswaprabakaran rajgautham@tamu.com
Public Relations Board Asif Ahmed asifahmedvictor@tamu.edu
Networking Board Shane Parish shanesb12@tamu.edu
Conferences Director Aalok Tripathi a84975@tamu.edu
Technical Development Director Raysha Prawira raysha14@tamu.edu
Career Development Director Ali Dhukka adhukka@tamu.edu
Director Kelsey Kalberer kelseykalberer@tamu.edu
Petrobowl Director Ivan Mieth mrad_41@tamu.edu
Media Director Emily Bloom emilymay@tamu.edu
Merchandise Director Paige Lonquist paigeann26@tamu.edu
The Well Log Director Raj Gautham Viswaprabakaran rajgautham@tamu.com
External Affairs Director Dmitry Ridner d.ridner@tamu.edu
Outreach Director Kristen Hutar khutar@tamu.edu
Philanthropy Director Camille Camarata camille1997@tamu.edu
Recruitment Director Gretchen Kelley gretchenkelley@tamu.edu
Social and Sport Director Sarah Mohamed mohamsarah@tamu.edu
Hospitality & Tailgating Director Alan Shepstone alan.shepstone@tamu.edu
Golf Director Nick Brown nickbrown@tamu.edu
Clay Shoot Director Taylor Butler taylorb2019@tamu.edu
Fishing Director Hunter Gates hgates@tamu.edu
Advisor Professor Tom Blasingame t-blasingame@tamu.edu
Advisor Adminstrative
Betty Robbins betty.robbins@tamu.edu