Request Minutemen

How to request for minutemen?

Please send an email to Asif Ahmed (Victor) at


What to write in the email?

Please write “Requesting Minutemen – X Committee” in the subject line (Replace X with the name of your committee). Then, please clearly answer the following questions in the email:

  • What is the name of your committee?
  • What is the task or event?
  • When and where do you need the minutemen support? (Please clarify location & time commitment required)
  • What kind of volunteer support is needed? (In one sentence)
  • How many pairs of extra hand do you need?


When to request for minutemen?

Ideally, you should send the email at least 2 weeks ahead of the event to provide the minutemen members with time to sign up and plan their schedule. In case of last minute requirements, please mention “Urgent” in the subject line.
For any specific question, please contact Minutemen Committee Lead Facilitator, Asif Ahmed (Victor) at